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Dear Prime Minister ,
I would like to bring up an issue that my class has been debating about and also as a year 6 student I think that it should be discussed at home and in our school classes.


I think that sending the boats back to their war torn country is wrong. We recently read a book called ‘Home and Away’ by Australian author John Marsden. It is about a 15 year old child and their diary about the war . The Australian war.

It is a story that makes you think about what most refugees are feeling and it is not their choice they have to leave. It is the fact that they are trying to come to a safe country. In this instance it is Australians trying to flee their country and I’m sure that if you had no where to run and hide the only options are to get killed or get on a boat to leave. Let me guess, I think most of us would get on the boat.

The point that I am trying to get across to you is that when we have refugees come to Australia we should not just turn them back. Even when we do bring them into Australia they are treated as criminals, locked behind a barb wire fence. It isn’t fair that they are being treated as the bad guys when they have done nothing wrong. I think that we should rethink the term “TURN BACK THE BOATS ”

From Paris F 5/6 Purple

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